TruOval MineVent®

TruOval MineVent® is a patented*, oval layflat blower ducting engineered to increase air distribution efficiency throughout your underground ventilation system.  The unique construction features suspension cables spaced intermittently through the ducting to maintain its oval shape while reducing the amount of air flow friction.  The oval configuration maximizes headroom in confined spaces and allows larger equipment to travel through the shaft without disrupting air flow. TruOval MineVent® ventilation ducting also features a series of easy-to-handle accessories that require less space, are more cost-effective, and smoothly transfer air through bends and turns.
TruOval MineVent's welded construction reduces air loss and weakening associated with convention sewn ducting.  The durable RipStop substrate prevents small tears from becoming major holes.  Molecularly bonded for positive pressure applications, TruOval MineVent® is manufactured with ABC's VentaTex® material, which is designed to perform from -20° to 180° F (-29° to 82° C) continuously.  MineVent® fabrics have been tested and approved by the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration Standards (MSHA).
*U.S. Patent No. 9,200,815; Canada Patent No. 2,823,202; Australia Patent No. 2013216596

Fabric Weight

18 oz./yd.² (610 g/m²)
20 oz./yd.² (678 g/m²)
22 oz./yd.² (746 g/m²)



450 mm
24" 600 mm
30" 750 mm
32" 800 mm
36" 900 mm
42" 1,050 mm
48" 1,200 mm
54" 1,350 mm
60" 1,500 mm
66" 1,650 mm



25', 50', 100' (7.5, 15, 30.5 m)



Optional End Finishes

  • Aussie Coupling, Snap-Loc Coupling, Soft Cuff, Velcro® Cuff, Velcro®/Zipper Cuff

Standard End Finish

  • Wire Rope Coupling


9 x 9 RipStop, 9 x 9 UD