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ABC Industries, Inc. is introducing its Duravider line of industrial curtain fabrics by taking 3% off all orders shipped by April 30th, 2015.  Take this limited-time opportunity to experience Duravider’s rugged construction engineered specifically for the demands of manufacturing and assembly plants, paint and powder coating areas, rubber and plastics fabrication, woodworking shops, warehouses,  aircraft hangars, and other industrial environments.

Duravider RS RipStop-reinforced fabric reduces lifecycle costs by allowing for repair, rather than replacement, of damaged curtains. The uniquely constructed tri-laminate features sequentially-staggered, heavyweight polyester yarns that capture puncture points and prevent them from spreading.  By stopping small snags from becoming major tears, Duravider RS curtains can be easily repaired with a simple patch rather than incurring the expense of a costly curtain replacement.

Duravider RS’s tri-laminate RipStop composition provides increased durability without significantly adding to the overall fabric weight.  The extra protection makes Duravider RS more resistant to common abrasion and impact damage experienced in industrial environments.

Unique among its competitors, both Duravider RS and Duravider meet the flame test standards of California Fire Marshal and NFPA701 Method 2.  Duravider RS is offered in 14 oz./yd.² and 18 oz./yd.², while Duravider is available in 13 oz./yd.² and 18 oz./yd.  All Duravider RS and Duravider fabric rolls are 61” wide.  Standard colors include yellow, gray, white, black, blue, green, and red.  Custom roll widths and colors are available with a minimum purchase.  All Duravider colors feature UV resistance, color stabilization, and mold and mildew inhibitors.

ABC also offers 14 and 20 mil double-polished clear material for curtain vision panels.  The 14 mil material features an exceptionally low cold crack rating of -31° F (-35° C), perfect for cold storage or exposure to winter temperatures.  Both double-polished clear materials are available in industry-standard 54” rolls.  As a value-added service, the double-polished clear materials can also be lamination-sealed to either Duravider RS or Duravider by ABC.  

Duravider RS and Duravider industrial curtain fabrics are the first in a series of curtain materials to join ABC’s line of industrial textile fabrics. All Duravider RS and Duravider fabrics are made in the U.S.A. at ABC Industries’ Winona Lake, Indiana manufacturing facility.

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