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  • Duravider solid-colored fabrics meet NFPA 701 Method 2 fire rating and ASTM G-21 antimicrobial certification standards.
  • Double-polished clear 14 oz. fabric adheres to UL94VTM-O and FMVSS302
  • Tear & abrasion resistant
  • UV stabilized (solid colors)
  • Formulated with mold and mildew inhibitors
  • Weldable composition
  • NAFTA compliant

RipStop fabric reduces lifecycle costs by allowing for repair—rather than replacement—of damaged curtains, mats, and pads . The sequentially staggered yarn prevents small snags from becoming major tears. The affected area can be easily repaired with a simple, inexpensive patch kit.

Rugged curtain construction with durable polyester yarns adds another layer of protection without increasing overall fabric weight.


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