ABC Industries’ specially designed ventilation and support columns for tunneling

ABC has provided ventilation and roof-support solutions to the tunneling industry for decades.  Tunneling is considered a confined-space application, which often requires three elements: fresh air, air removal and support columns for roof support. Depending on the specific requirements of the work environment, ABC can develop the perfect solution to ensure a safe place for tunnel workers.

The Importance of Proper Products in Tunneling

The roof supports in the tunneling area utilize a product called “Grout (or Crib) Bags.” These bags are highly durable fabric tubes filled with concrete or grout from floor to ceiling that, when set, provide a hardened support for the tunnel roof. They are engineered specific to each application to ensure a safe, permanent support column.

As with other confined spaces, tunneling usually requires ventilation, both supplying fresh air to and removing stale or toxic air from the work area. The ventilation ducting and the fans that drive the air flow must be designed for each application to ensure the system provides clean, fresh air for the tunnel workers.

ABC’s Available Products

ABC has several products that are can be specifically applied in tunneling. We can also design a custom solution based on the unique tunneling-site environment and specifications.


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