Specialty fabrics and products for erosion control

Erosion control is an important consideration for industrial, commercial and residential construction.  Erosion control products from ABC Industries prevent unnecessary loss of topsoil and stop silt and debris from blocking irrigation channels. They also can serve as protection for important waterways.

Why Invest in Erosion Control?

Without proper erosion control products, irrigation channels and silt runoff can cause devastating damage and result in flooding. This is especially important where construction activity has removed natural vegetation that holds topsoil in place, ultimately allowing silt and mud to build up in drainage areas.

Additionally, some erosion control is designed to prevent leaching of debris and other materials into lakes, ponds and streams, which could be harmful to the ecology of an area. Erosion control keeps our environments thriving, and ABC has some of the best industry products to help.

Our Specialties

ABC provides a heavy-duty mesh fabric that can be used to cover irrigation drainage inlets in ditches and culverts. It also can be used as an erosion control barrier along areas where vegetation is no longer present. The mesh fabric will let water pass freely while keeping silt in check. Turbidity curtains are used when leaching, erosion and sediment are problems in ponds, lakes and streams. ABC provides a durable laminated PVC fabric used in the construction of these turbidity curtains.

Our Products

  • Mesh Fabric


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