Products designed for the Mining and Tunneling Projects

The mining and tunneling industry requires proper ventilation to protect workers by providing clean air while working in harsh underground conditions. ABC collaborates with site managers and engineers to ensure they have a proper ventilation solution that fits the unique requirements of each worksite.

ABC Delivers Dependable Mining Ventilation Products

Since our inception, ABC Industries has provided high-quality, dependable solutions to the mining industry. Originally known as American Brattice Cloth, ABC manufactures ventilation products, including flexible and rigid ducting, as well as Brattice curtains. These products are designed and engineered to fit the exact requirements for each mine and tunneling project.

Why Choose an ABC Product?

ABC is one of only a few ventilation product manufacturers that specialize in the mining and tunneling industry. As a market leader with longevity in the industry, ABC is a trusted resource when it comes to providing a safe working environment. We are 100% committed to providing a high-quality and reliable product to ensure worker safety and satisfaction.

Our Products

Applications for our mining and tunneling products include environmental control, air movement, fume removal, dust removal and other custom applications.


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