Fabrics manufactured to meet specific durability and color standards for RV manufacturers

ABC is at the heart of RV country. The industry has ups and downs, but ABC has stuck with our loyal customers throughout time. The RV Industry requires fabric that meets strict color and blemish standards. Anything but the best fabric will be rejected as the end-consumer is very picky and demanding in this industry.

Our Impact on the RV Industry

ABC has supported our loyal RV customers for decades. We have become a highly respected and trusted manufacturer in the industry and have had loyal clients for many years. ABC understands the manufacturing cycles with the RV industry and works with our customers to ensure they have the highest quality product when they need it. Given that our fabrics become part of their finished product, we take extensive pride in quality control right from the beginning of the manufacturing process. Our attention to detail and quality runs throughout our organization and the industries we serve.

RV-Specific Fabrics

ABC’s RV fabrics are subjected to a very tightly controlled quality analysis. This process will find color variations or any other blemishes that would be unacceptable to the end-consumer. Those products are rejected and sold as seconds. The only fabric that finds its way to our clients are those that fit our quality standards.

Our Products

Product Applications: Bunk end, Shelters, custom applications


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