ABC offers unique fabric solutions for a spectrum of agricultural needs

To protect your investment and provide adequate ventilation, most farmers use a specialized fabric for livestock-confinement buildings. Often, sidewall curtains are used that can be opened and closed for proper ventilation. Additionally, tunnel curtains are used in agricultural buildings to allow air movement throughout the building.

What ABC Industries can Offer

For over 35 years, ABC Industries has engineered PVC laminated fabric for customers specifically searching for agricultural solutions. ABC Industries manufactures both the fabric and the finished curtains in our vertically integrated facility located in Indiana. Vertical integration allows ABC to produce curtains with a high standard of quality that provides our customers with a reliable, long-lasting product.

The Agri-Tex™ Curtain

ABC works exclusively with contractors and distributor networks to serve the agricultural market with the strongest, most durable curtains available. Our Agri-Tex™ curtain with Ripstop technology outlasts all others, saving you money on replacement costs. A lock stich hem is longer lasting than competitors chain stich, which is prone to unraveling. ABC manufactures standard sidewall and tunnel curtains with multiple pocket placements in our 12 oz and 14 oz fabric. Our curtains are available for quick shipment.

Why Invest in our Agricultural Fabrics?

Agriculture curtains are essential to provide the necessary amount of air movement and ventilation for livestock. Additionally, our specially designed fabrics provide proper sunlight transfer to livestock while still being UV stabilized. These curtains can also provide shelter from all types of weather conditions.

Our Products

ABC Industries is proud to offer our Agri-Tex™ sidewall curtains and Agri-Tex™ tunnel curtains with permanently welded pockets. Both products come in standard dimensions or can be customized to fit certain applications.


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