Ventilation solutions provide proper air movement where additional heat & A/C are required

ABC’s environmental control ducting typically works in conjunction with portable-air equipment that provides heat and air-conditioning. This ducting can be used in a range of situations, such as portable shelters, military barracks/mess halls, events, mobile hospitals and other areas where controlling heat and A/C is required for comfort. There are also times when additional cooling is needed in permanent structures, and ABC has a solution for that, too.

Why Choose ABC for Proper Air Movement Needs?

ABC’s environmental control ducting is a must for keeping ambient temperatures at a comfortable level. Our ceiling duct panels for permanent structures help to move the hot air from a room, channeling it to the roof area, while a portable conditioning unit provides cool air to the room.

ABC also makes diffuser tubing that can be die cut to allow air to flow into the structure where it is needed. ABC offers flexible and durable solutions that help provide maximum comfort.

ABC Products Designed with You in Mind

ABC’s air-ventilation experience and technology were developed for our industrial markets and are now available in commercial markets. This assures our channel partners are providing their customers with the highest quality and most durable ventilation-ducting products on the market today.


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