A range of ducting designed for effective dehumidification of commercial facilities

Dehumidification ducting products are used in conjunction with portable AC units and other environmental-control equipment. Often, dehumidification is needed after a natural disaster in which heavy rain causes moisture buildup in offices, schools, shopping centers and other commercial facilities. Additionally, there are times when existing HVAC equipment cannot keep up with humidity levels and a temporary, portable solution is required.

Protect from Hazardous Dehumidification Damage

Not controlling humidity and moisture can lead to significant damage from rot, mildew and hazardous mold. It is important to be prepared for any natural disaster that can create excess moisture, especially in the Gulf area and other hurricane-prone states. ABC’s dehumidification ducting is UV stabilized, contains mold and mildew inhibitors, and is flame resistant.

High-Quality Ducting Products

ABC works with local, regional and national commercial-equipment rental companies to provide ducting for their dehumidification equipment. We urge our rental-channel partners to be prepared prior to heavy-humidity and hurricane seasons by having dehumidification ducting on hand.

Our ducting is flexible and durable so that it can bend and reach any affected area while being resilient to tears and rips.


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