Semipermanent shelter fabrics built to withstand all environmental conditions

ABC provides various types of high-quality, durable fabrics to fabricators and manufacturers of tents and shelters. Temporary and semipermanent shelters are common in the event industry, aircraft hangars, equipment shelters, military encampments and other applications where cover is necessary but the need is only temporary.

Additional shelter applications include livestock barns and scaffolding covers for work sites. ABC provides this fabric to contractors and distribution-channel partners in the industry.

Why Choose ABC Fabrics?

Shelter fabric requires durability, flexibility and resilience to harsh environmental conditions over long periods of time. ABC works with some of the top shelter manufacturers to develop fabrics that will add value to their products and keep their customers satisfied. Our fabrics are made to exact customer specifications with stringent quality-control procedures to provide the best product available.

We also work with distributors and contractors in the agriculture market to provide the best Ripstop barn curtains in the industry. These are used to protect farmers’ livestock from harsh environmental conditions.

Our Specially Designed Fabrics

Our quality-control process ensures that we meet customer specs every time. When the product can’t fail, customers trust ABC for their fabric needs. We have earned the trust of some of the largest livestock producers, contractors and distributors who use our AG curtain, due to its durability and reliability.


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