Specialized environmental-controlled ventilation for confined working spaces

The oil field industry involves the building, cleaning and repairing of storage tanks and transportation equipment for product. The transportation equipment can be ship-, rail- or truck-mounted tanks. All of which are considered confined working spaces and must have the proper ventilation when built, repaired and cleaned. After cleaning, they typically need to be dried out to remove any residual moisture before being used.

ABC Industries’ Ventilation Solutions

ABC provides the environmental-control and ventilation ducting used during the building, cleaning and repairing of storage and transportation equipment. There is also potential application for storage-tank lining fabric to repair versus replace storage tanks as they age. In that process, contractors may also need portable heat ducting to ensure proper liner installation in cold environments.

This type of work environment must have ventilation ducting that is flexible enough to maneuver in tight spaces and be durable enough not to tear or rip when pulled along sharp edges or corners.  Aligning durability, flexibility and ventilation requirements for your project or worksite is what ABC will help you do.

Our Products

Product Applications: Dehumidification, Environmental Control, Painting/Sandblasting/Restoration, Portable A/C and Heat, Fume Removal, Material Handling.


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