Quality fabric dividers to maximize space and divide facilities

ABC provides various types of high-quality, durable fabrics to fabricators and manufacturers for a variety of structure and facility dividers. Structures and dividers are used in a wide range of applications, including athletic complexes, manufacturing facilities and many other areas where partitioning is required for protecting or maximizing useful space.

ABC Fabric Applications

ABC fabrics used in these types of applications usually require additional capabilities that provide flame retardancy and UV, mold and mildew protection. In gymnasiums, the application may also require that there be a clear panel for visibility between the divided areas. In each of these cases, ABC can provide the perfect solution for the application requirements.

Our Products

ABC’s structure and facility dividers have been used in manufacturing where areas need to be divided for safety, such as welding cells and robotic stations. They offer safety and protection for workers in hazardous areas. Schools and other athletic facilities can also make better use of space by partitioning the open areas to allow multiple activities in the same area.


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