ABC Industries developed high-quality ventilation products to be for dust and particulate removal

ABC has been a trusted supplier of ventilation products used in the bridge repair and restoration industry for many years. These are typically harsh working conditions that produce tremendous amounts of dust and particulate that require removal from the workspace. These worksites often have both paint and sandblasting dust that are especially hazardous to workers. The particulates are typically highly abrasive and would quickly wear out any standard ducting used in this application, but ABC Industries’ ventilation solutions are durable and resist wear and tear.

Our Offerings

ABC works with some of the largest OEMs of dust-removal equipment, rental companies and distribution channels to supply several industries with an exceptionally durable product. We offer a wide variety of options to fit various applications.

Our standard pitch is 1.5 inches, but ABC can custom develop specifications as needed. We offer two weight densities of duct material, both available with a fabric and an ultra-durable extruded wear strip. We work to provide the correct balance between product durability and maneuverability.

Our Industry Impact

We’ve applied our extensive experience providing air quality solutions for the mining industry to develop expertise in industrial sandblasting and painting applications, such as bridge repair.  Some worksites also require the input of fresh air and the removal of contaminated air. We have the expertise and products to provide both solutions to keep workers safe.

Our Products

Our bridge repair and ventilation products include the following:

Applications for this technology also include fume removal, environmental control, tank cleaning and repair, painting, sandblasting, restoration, material handling and custom applications.


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