High-quality, sustainable fabric packaging for automotive shipping needs

The automotive industry requires a tremendous number of individual parts and components to be shipped to assembly plants. Assembly plants can range from the carmaker itself to any one of the many components and subassembly manufacturers. Due to the value of automotive parts and the high susceptibility to damage, the automotive industry requires high-quality protective packaging for shipment.

ABC Industries’ Trusted Packaging

For more than two decades, ABC has been supplying products to the automotive market in the form of returnable packaging fabric. We supply our specialized fabric to companies that develop the packaging for the components manufacturers. ABC has become a trusted source for these fabrics, due to the high quality and availability of our products. Our returnable packaging fabric is much more sustainable and cost-effective than disposable packaging because it can be easily cleaned and reused.


Returnable Packaging Fabric Line

ABC Industries, Inc. has expanded its Packa-Tex™ returnable packaging fabric line to offer the convenience of a single-source solution for all your dunnage needs. ABC laminated fabrics not only provide a soft, flexible method of transport for automotive parts and components, these fabrics can also conform to virtually any product shape to be used for multiple applications.

Why Choose Packa-Tex™?

Our Packa-Tex™ products are designed for returnable packaging applications but are versatile enough for many other applications including customized solutions.


Our Products


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