ABC Industries offers various curtains and dividers for the athletic industry

ABC has been involved with the athletic industry for many years. We have partnered with various gym mat OEMs as well as construction projects for gym dividers. With our knowledge and technical-fabric experience, ABC Industries can provide solutions for a variety of different athletic applications. Our products meet the certification standards required for the industry. Although there are many import options to choose from, ABC provides a made-in-America guarantee of quality and service.

Our Products: The Duravider™

Our Duravider™ product is made with Ripstop technology. In the case of a small puncture or tear in the fabric, the Ripstop function locks down the hole and prevents any spreading. The hole can then be easily repaired, saving our customers money on replacement costs.

The rugged curtain construction with high-strength polyester yarns adds exceptional durability without increasing overall weight. This creates a curtain that is easy to maneuver. In addition to curtains, the Duravider™ material is also great for mats, pads and covers.

Quality Fabrics for Athletic Application

All our fabrics are manufactured in Indiana. We are vertically integrated, which allows us to better control our quality and supply stream. We provide both standard products and custom applications to fit everyone’s needs. Our divider and mat fabrics are flame-resistance certified, tear and abrasion-resistant, UV stabilized, formulated with mold and mildew inhibitors and made with a weldable composition.

Product Use

Our fabrics are excellent for gymnasium divider curtains, yoga and tumbling mats, landing mats and covers for various athletic equipment.

Our Products

In addition to our custom capabilities, we offer the following products:


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