Specially designed high-quality fabrics for shipping and packaging

Our returnable packaging fabrics are designed for expensive and/or fragile component parts that are made in one factory and shipped to an assembly line elsewhere. They are most used in the automotive industry where component parts are placed into cushioned, segmented fabric totes and sent to the assembly facility.

The totes are then returned to the supplier and refilled with component parts. This packaging can also be used for other industries that need to protect high-end components as they are shipped to their installation point.

Durable Packaging Fabrics

ABC Industries makes the fabric used for returnable totes and packaging. It requires specialty substrates that ABC
laminates to produce the perfect fabric. ABC then sells this product to fabricators and component suppliers that produce
and use the packaging.

ABC understands the balance of needing a soft, cushioning fabric that is durable enough to withstand multiple
return-and-exchange cycles.


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