Durable, high-quality fabrics designed for expandable RV bunks

This application is as simple as it sounds. For decades, ABC has provided fabric solutions to the RV industry. One specific application is for pop-up campers that have expandable bunks on either end, referred to as bunk ends. Due to the visibility of the product, bunk-end fabric has extremely high standards. When observing the fabric from the inside out or outside in, visible blemishes are unacceptable. ABC has a quality-control system in place to ensure zero defects in the material.

Why Our RV Customers Choose ABC Fabrics

The high-quality ABC bunk-end fabric must be UV stabilized, mold and mildew resistant, and have flame-retardant properties. In addition, it must be durable and flexible enough to withstand hundreds of open-and-close cycles in all types of weather environments. It can neither crack when folded down nor stretch when pulled out. ABC Industries’ fabrics meet all these criteria. Our fabrics are unmatched.

Multiple Industry Applications

Given the high quality of the material, bunk-end fabric can work well for boats, yachts, boatlifts, grill covers and other personal watercraft and recreational applications. ABC has set the standard for the highest quality RV fabric on the market.

Our Product Offerings


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