Specially designed ducting to move airborne debris and materials

Material handling, as it relates to ducting, is the process of moving light airborne debris or heavy particles to or from a worksite or application. Our ducting solutions are used in manufacturing operations, such as millwrighting and cabinet making, to remove sawdust and sandblasting debris, agricultural applications to move and transfer seed and grain, landscaping for applying mulch and more.

OEMs for commercial mowers and woodchippers will also use flexible ducting on their equipment to make it lighter and easier to maneuver versus rigid ducting.

The Importance of Proper Ducting

There are several reasons for having an effective material-handling solution. Worker and environmental safety are the most important considerations for removing airborne debris and particulates at a job site or manufacturing facility.

Efficiency and effectiveness are the key factors in agricultural markets for moving and distribution of materials. Blowing mulch in a landscaping application is much easier and quicker than doing so by hand. Using ducting to move seed is also more efficient and does not crush or damage the grain as with other means of handling.

ABC’s Quality Product Line

ABC is experienced working within the various applications where our channel partners and OEMs operate. We have collaborated with them to help improve the material handling of many types of products ranging in size, abrasiveness and density. Our knowledge of the various material substrates allows us to provide a perfect solution for any application.


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