ABC Industries provides ducting solutions for confined or open air workspaces

Work conditions in painting, sandblasting and restoration can vary depending on the job site. They can be in confined spaces or out in the open air. Either way, the workspace and environment must be protected with the proper ducting to handle not only contaminated air but also the fresh air that may be needed to be supplied to the work area as well.

In painting applications, the concern is paint-mist particles. Sandblasting applications have a risk of airborne dust and dry particulates. Restoration work can release dust and/or hazardous materials, such as asbestos and lead, from the structure being restored.

Protect Work Environments with ABC Ducting

To protect both workers and the surrounding environment from contamination, proper ventilation of a worksite is a must. In confined workspaces, there is often a need to supply fresh air to the area as well. ABC works with industrial rental companies and OEMs of commercial air-cleaning equipment to provide proper solutions to keep the worksite safe and free of airborne contaminants.

Durable, Specially Designed Products

ABC understands that the ducting used in these applications must be able to stand up to harsh working and environmental conditions. The ducting must be resilient and sturdy but also have flexibility, so that workers can maneuver it easily around the job site. ABC will provide the specific ducting needed based on all variables that can exist in an application.


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