High-Quality PCA and lavatory ducting for specialized use in the aviation industry

The aviation industry demands highest quality products that must perform in all types of weather and environmental conditions. This is especially true for ground support equipment. The preconditioned air (PCA) ducting and the lavatory-waste hoses are generally used each time an aircraft is located at the jet bridge. Only reliable, long-lasting products are acceptable to reduce aircraft on ground (AOG) dwell time and maximize passenger comfort. ABC’s PCA ducting and lavatory hoses are proven to stand up to industry demands.

ABC’s Aviation Product Development

ABC has long-term experience in making reliable, high-quality ducting for mining and tunneling applications. For over two decades now, we have applied this experience to make PCA and lavatory ducting for the aviation industry. We have developed products that are trusted and used at airports and ground support facilities all over the world. Our products are used by some of the best original equipment manufacturers in the business. Our hoses and ducting are used by the military for the most advanced and expensive jet fighters in the world.

What We Offer

ABC sets the bar for quality aviation-ducting products. We developed both standard and heavy-duty PCA ducting, which can stand up to harsh environmental conditions and heavy use. We offer both a lay-flat and rigid style, depending on specific needs. We offer several different connectors, cuffs and diffuser fittings to ensure the proper fit for the ground support equipment unit to the aircraft. All our products are UV resistant, fire rated and resistant to mold and mildew.

PCA Aviation Ducting

Our PCA ducting is used to channel heated, cooled and dehumidified air from the ground support equipment to the aircraft without losing significant pressure or change in temperature. Our lavatory ducting is made in two styles: one for gravity extraction and the other for vacuum-assist extraction of waste from the aircraft.

Our Products

We have the widest selection of insulated PCA products in the industry, which includes the following products:


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