Fume, Vapor and Particulate Removal Ducting by ABC Industries

The material-handling industry encompasses a wide range of applications, including fumes, vapors, airborne particulates, sediment, sawdust, woodchips, liquids, grain, resin pellets, sandblasting, paint and much more. Each of these applications requires a unique solution to ensure reliable and safe removal of material from the work environment.

Our High-Quality Ventilation Solutions

Since its inception, ABC has provided quality solutions to remove potentially harmful substances from and ventilate work areas. Over time, we have expanded our material-handling products to solve the needs of a variety of industries. We work with rental companies, contractors, manufacturers and OEMs to provide solutions for the specific needs of material-handling work environments.

We can match the abrasive qualities, velocity and volume of the material being moved with the proper substrate, diameter, pitch and design of the duct. This ensures you will have safe and reliable ventilation.

Our Product Applications

Our ventilation solutions can be configured for any of the following applications: Painting, sandblasting, restoration, tunneling, tank cleaning and repair, custom applications, fume removal and material handling.


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