Ventilation for hazardous fume removal in enclosed workspace areas

Tank cleaning and repair is a confined-space application that usually requires both fresh-air ventilation and toxic-air removal from the workspace. Our products cover both stationary and mobile tank (rail and truck) work areas.

The storage tanks can be used for a wide range of contents, including food, chemicals, petroleum and water. ABC can provide a ventilation solution that’s designed for the specific task and helps to ensure worker and environmental safety.

Why Choose ABC Ducting Products

Since many of these storage tanks contain hazardous substances and fumes, fumes must be evacuated while clean air is provided to workers inside the containment. Our ducting is designed to be resilient to harsh chemicals but also flexible enough for the worker to move the ventilation to where it is needed inside the tank.

During the cleaning process, any remaining cleaning solution or moisture usually needs to be evaporated before reusing the tank. In such a case, ABC’s ventilation ducting can also be paired with the proper equipment for moisture removal.

Our Ventilation Solutions

ABC’s history of providing ventilation solutions for confined spaces has given us the needed experience and understanding to service the storage-tank cleaning and repair industry. We manufacture a wide range of products that will provide the right ventilation solution to fit the needs of the job. Our products are durable and engineered to last for many uses.


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