ABC Industries provides our military and aerospace partners with premium quality products for their ventilation needs. Military ventilation needs range from heating or cooling the troops during forward deployment, cooling avionics and venting fumes during maintenance. All our products are developed with the common goal of keeping our troops safe. ABC has proven experience producing products that require Military specifications and/or extreme performance requirements.

Military specified products are developed to meet specific AS or Mil-Specs. Additionally, ABC tests all materials in our in-housing laboratory, to all performance criteria within the military specification.

Our Offerings

Performance specified products are developed to meet rigorous field deployment requirements. Quality ducting from ABC is used in portable climate control applications, such as tents, temporary shelters and hospitals to name a few.

Our Products

ABC Industries proudly manufacturers all of our products in the USA. Our team would be proud and honored to support your military mission and our troop’s safety and well-being.


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