Airline ducting designed by ABC Industries for safe, sanitary lavatory-waste removal

It goes without question that airlines require a very durable ducting product that can perform under rigorous conditions. Failed ducting would create a tremendous health risk to ground-service workers during waste removal from an aircraft. The ducting attaches to the aircraft via a portal on the underside and connects to a portable collection device that contains the waste after removal.

There are two types of waste extraction: gravity and vacuum-assist. ABC manufactures ducting for both applications. Typically, gravity-fed extraction is used primarily in North America, while vacuum-assist is more common at international airports.

Why Choose ABC Ducting?

ABC supplies a great deal of the domestic airport market with reliable ducting. Our end finishes are designed for quick and secure attachment to the aircraft. The material we use is highly resistant to abrasion and punctures. When handling hazardous waste materials, it is important to use a reliable and trusted brand of ducting. That’s why our partners choose ABC for this purpose.

High-Quality Products for Quality Results

Generally, lavatory-waste removal is required each time aircraft arrive at the gate. Timely removal prevents health risks and reduces the aircraft weight for the next flight. It is of utmost importance that the lavatory waste-removal process be done not only effectively, but also quickly. AOG (aircraft on ground) time must be minimized, and any malfunction of the ducting would cause excess delay and hazardous cleanup.


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