Flexible ventilation, fabric solutions and ducting specifically built for the needs of the marine industry

The marine, shipbuilding and repair industry is expansive. ABC is proud to provide various product solutions through high-quality ducting and fabrics. This industry covers both civilian and military vessels, as well as open-ocean and river vessels. It includes both OEM and MRO channels.

What ABC Industries Can Offer

ABC has provided fabric and ducting solutions to the marine industry for years. We understand the importance of fresh air, fume removal and airborne contaminants removal while vessels are built and repaired.

We also work with OEMs to provide flexible ventilation ducting for new vessel construction. We supply OEM fabric to boat-cover and boat-lift manufacturers, as well as several other industries. Our long tenure in the ventilation and fabric industries makes ABC a perfect partner for your project.

Why Choose an ABC Product?

ABC is dedicated to quality products that provide reliability and ensure worker safety. Often in the marine industry, especially during shipbuilding and repair, workers will be exposed to confined-space conditions. These conditions require proper ventilation and fume removal to keep workers safe. We have the technical understanding and expertise to ensure your project has proper ventilation.

We take the same care when providing OEM solutions for ducting and ventilation on new vessels. From ventilating bilge compartments to providing A/C and heat to the cabin, ABC is a reliable partner. Our fabrics for canvas, covers and other marine shelters and equipment provide the necessary UV protection, mold and mildew resistance, and flame retardant to fit the most rigorous outdoor applications.

Our Products

Our products can be used for shelters, environmental control, dehumidification, fume removal, tank cleaning and repair, and material handling.


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