ABC Industries specially designed ducting for proper air movement

Portable A/C and heat applications serve a wide range of purposes for special events, venues, military encampments, construction sites, movie sets, office buildings and disaster relief, to name a few.

All of these applications need portable equipment and ducting to make the location safe and comfortable. Each location has its unique requirements, therefore each may take different types of ducting and equipment.

Protect Your Investments with ABC

Portable air conditioning and heat may be needed to preserve life and property, as in the case of natural disasters. Other times, they may be needed merely for event and workspace comfort. In many construction sites, portable A/C and heat are needed to ensure proper curing or drying of construction materials that are being used. Masonry, drywall and window glazing are a few examples that require temperature and humidity control.

There are also conditions where the resident HVAC systems cannot keep ambient office temperatures in a comfortable range. ABC offers a ceiling-panel kit that connects to smaller, portable A/C units to channel hot air through the rafters and cool air into the office space as needed.

Specialized Products for Specialized Solutions

For decades, ABC has collaborated with industrial rental companies and distribution-channel partners to provide the best
A/C and heat solution for whatever the need may be. Many of the products we offer have become standards in the industry.

We can also provide custom solutions, if applicable. Our products range from standard duty, which covers most of the A/C
and heat market applications, to heavy duty, which is for military and harsh conditions. We also have an extreme-duty
line of heating duct for ultrahigh-temp applications.


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