ABC Industries specially designed ducting to provide cooled, heated & dehumidified air to aircrafts

PCA (preconditioned air) ducting is required to connect GSE (ground service equipment) that supplies cooled, heated and dehumidified air to the aircraft while parked at the terminal. It is important that the PCA ducting be properly insulated to ensure comfortable temperatures and environment for passengers and crew while at the gate.

GSE with PCA ducting often replaces the aircraft’s own auxiliary power unit because it is more efficient, doesn’t burn expensive jet fuel and cuts down on exhaust emissions. PCA ducting is used in both military and civilian applications.

Look at Your Ducting Options

There are two types of PCA ducting: layflat and steel reinforced. Layflat can be reeled in or out from either portable GSE equipment or GSE equipment that is mounted on the jet bridge. The purpose is to have flexibility and maneuverability to accommodate the various types of aircraft.

Rigid PCA ducting is generally used as transition hose, connected directly on either end to the GSE equipment and aircraft, with the layflat style used in between. ABC manufactures various reducers, elbows, connectors and end finishes to allow multiple configurations to accommodate various aircraft and applications.

Why Airlines Choose Us

ABC is one of the leaders in the PCA ducting market due to our vast product offerings. PCA ducting must be durable to stand up to rigorous use on the tarmac. Most damage to PCA ducting occurs through ground-service abuse (run over, punctured, torn, etc.). ABC minimizes destruction through use of highly abrasion-resistant materials with multiple layers of fabric.

In addition, we make custom applications for the military beyond anything available on the commercial market that can stand up to the most intense conditions. We work with the Department of Defense through our channel partners to create products that must perform in extreme conditions where failure is not an option.


Our standard UltraLyte® PCA ducting works great in general aviation conditions. It holds up well and is very lightweight and maneuverable; it is the standard duty across the industry.

ABC also makes FloHeat, a very heavy-duty PCA duct. FloHeat is constructed to withstand very harsh environmental and operating conditions. It exceeds all performance characteristics used today to rate commercial airline PCA ducting. FloHeat can be considered a military-grade product.

Our Product Offerings for Airlines

We have the widest selection of insulated PCA product in the industry. This includes:


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