Proud to provide products to assist communities during disaster recovery

Natural and man-made disasters can strike without warning, leaving devastating impacts on communities. Being prepared is crucial to minimize the damage caused by such events. For decades, ABC has played a critical role in disaster relief efforts by supplying essential materials and solutions. Our manufacturing locations across the United States, along with our vertical integration, allow us to respond swiftly to provide assistance with various disaster recovery efforts, including dehumidification in flood-affected areas or debris removal following a tornado. Trust ABC to provide timely and reliable support during times of crisis.

ABC Products Designed for Disaster Relief

ABC works with a network of distributors and rental companies to provide quick, direct access to products used in disaster relief. Weather disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes can leave thousands of residents without power, heat and A/C. In these sorts of disasters, we can supply our channel partners with the ducting needed for heat, A/C and dehumidification to provide relief to those in need. Our ducting products are specifically constructed to hold up to the harshest conditions, which make them well suited for disaster relief.

ABC’s ducting solutions for disaster relief apply to several applications. These include dehumidification, environmental control, portable A/C and heat, and other custom applications.

Our Product Line

ABC’s product line has light-duty to extreme-duty product solutions for portable cooling, ambient air movement, dehumidification and portable heating. This family of products spans a temperature range of -65 to 900 F. Given the durability of our products, we are positive we can provide support for any disaster.


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