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Addressing global military demands, ABC Industries offers military performance specification ducting that has been tested and certified for both high and low pressure applications, including Environmental Control Units (ECU) which provide cooling and heating for portable shelters and critical electronics to military aircraft all over the world.

ABC’s offerings include ventilation solutions for ground support and climate control, including portable heating and cooling applications.


Portable Cooling

Able to withstand the rigors of most outdoor applications and projects, ABC creates ducting perfect for temporary structures, party rentals, areas in need of environmental control, and active job sites. All of our portable cooling products are durable, flexible, and compressible for convenient transportation, efficiency, and ease of use.

Portable Heating

Optimally crafted for the construction, oilfield, and pest control industries, ABC's selection of portable heating products covers a vast temperature control range from -67° to 1500° F (-55° to 816° C) and are suitable for a variety of buildings, temporary structures, areas in need of environmental control, and active job sites.

Ambient Air Movement/Fume Removal

Optimal for blowing, exhaust and fume removal, ventilating manholes and confined spaces, and maintaining environmental control, ABC creates products that are available in a variety of constructions, fabric weights, lengths, diameters, and temperature ratings to meet the precise requirements of each application.

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