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Working around or with paint and sandblasting materials can wreak havoc on an unprotected respiratory system. Potent paint fumes, not circumvented by proper ventilation, are potentially poisonous to workers' health. Dust and blast media control is essential for each job site.

ABC Industries prides itself in creating solutions for the air makeup, exhaust control, and material handling applications that come with the rigorous environment of painting and sandblasting projects.


Ambient Air Movement/Fume Removal

Optimal for blowing, exhaust and fume removal, ventilating manholes and confined spaces, and maintaining environmental control, ABC creates products that are available in a variety of constructions, fabric weights, lengths, diameters, and temperature ratings to meet the precise requirements of each application.


Ideal for drying, disaster response, ventilation, fumigation, and maintaining environmental control, ABC manufactures products available in a multitude of lengths with high flexibility, providing ease of movement and high compression capability, which allow for optimal placement for venting and dehumidifying.

Material Handling/Dust Collection

Providing products ideal for bridgework, paint and sandblasting, dust collection, woodworking, and lawn and leaf pickup, ABC Industries utilizes highly durable materials that handle a wide range of media from light material such as dust to more heavy-duty, abrasive material like wood chips. Our material-specific products provide a safe, efficient, and productive addition to any project.


ABC provides vacuum solutions to reduce contamination and cleanup for tight spaces and for all-purpose vacuum applications in the construction, paint and sandblasting industries.

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